What are KneeJayzzz?

KneeJayzzz are a  new knee pillow design unlike any other knee pillow currently available.  When sleeping with a traditional pillow between the knees the pillow always becomes dislodged when you roll over.  Same thing with the many foam and wedge knee pillows available.  Even those designed with straps slide around the leg and get snagged in the sheets.  With KneeJayzzz this won't happen, because it can't!  

 KneeJayzzz are a knee pillow designed to eliminate the need to constantly search for and reposition the traditional pillow when sleeping.  KneeJayzzz feature a pocket sewn into each inside leg of a pajama pant, 1 at the thigh area of 1 leg and the other at the calf area of the other leg.  A curved slice of medical grade foam fits into each pocket and cradle your knees in comfort.  This patented design combining the pocket that holds the foam in place and the curved shape of the foam that conforms to your leg prevents the foam "pillow" from moving no matter how much you toss and turn!  Your knees remain separated regardless of your sleep position.   So they are the best knee pillow for side sleepers with back pain or knee pain, post surgical procedures, and pregnant women.  KneeJayzzz keep your knees separated which can ease  the back and spine into a more neutral position by keeping the legs and pelvis level.   This enables you to  experience  healthy restful sleep without interruption and pain.  KneeJayzzz mission is to Promote a Good Night's Sleep.  KneeJayzzz are proudly Made in the USA.



Best sleep I've had in years! KneeJayzzz fit perfectly between my legs and no matter how much I toss and turn, they stay in place. 


I haven't used a pillow between my legs in months. I'm never going back to using a pillow! 


These really solve the problems I had with trying to use a traditional pillow.  No more looking for it in the middle of the night

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